437 co-founder Hyla takes Peru 🇵🇪

437 co-founder Hyla takes Peru 🇵🇪

Hi guys. Hyla here! Recently went to Peru and had tons of questions of what I did there, so figured I'd write a super short blog post about it. 

In general, Peru was amazing. It's definitely not a "relaxing" trip by any means. It is meant to push you outside your comfort zone (the hikes, the altitude sickness, and early wake ups aren't easy). But it was also one of the most beautiful places in the world. The people were so friendly. And if you're spiritual like myself, you will feel the energy in Peru. 

Ps: there are so many alpacas in Cusco. They are SO cute!


Machu Picchu (obviously): You can't go to Peru and skip out on this. One of the Seven Wonders of the World for a reason. It is beautiful, and the history behind it is fascinating. Because I wasn't feeling so great, we took a bus up rather than hiking it. We hiked on the way down, and even that was a challenge. Took about 2 hours. Wearing the 437 tracksuit, aka a must for any trip (shameless plug lmao). 

Rainbow Mountain: I saw this mountain on Pinterest and was determined to go. It was one of the highlights of my trip. The trek up was tough. It's peak is 5,200m and boy will you feel the altitude up there. I was so out of breath and had to pause every 30 seconds or so. But it's so beautiful. You gotta go. 

Blue Lagoon: SO beautiful. And the hike to get there is just as beautiful. Highly recommend. 

Mira Flores in Lima: I really wish I could have spent more time there. I've never seen a city with more green space in my entire life. I could live there. Also the restaurants are insanely good there. 



In Cusco, we went to the first restaurant we saw once we were starving. Peruvian food is amazing in general, so wherever you go, it'll be great. Below is a pic of my mom and I at a random restaurant in Cusco, wearing the 437 tracksuit again :)

La Mar - In Mira Flores, Lima. BEST ceviche in the world 100%. Get the classic one. It's SO good. And I loved the vibe of the spot. We went around 2PM, and it was packed. Also the desserts are amazing, get them all lol! Oh, also get the fish empanada, sounds weird but it was so good. 

Central - Book a reso there a month or two before you go. I only looked two weeks before the trip and it was fully booked :( this is one of the top restaurants in the world, so I was definitely bummed out that I wasn't able to go. 


We stayed at Airbnb's in Cusco and Lima and I highly recommend it. It's the same price as a cheaper hotel, but you get way more space. Also the hotels in Cusco are super loud because everyone wakes up at 5AM for tours. The one we stayed at in Lima was near Mira Flores, had two bedrooms, had a gym and rooftop pool, and was $100/ night. What a deal. Had some time to hit the pool and wore the Sanders x Jordan in Vice :)


Tried to keep this brief, partially because I'm no blogger, but also because I'm at the 437 HQ working on this, and have a million other things to do. It's Feb 3rd, aka summer is essentially here for us people in the swimwear industry. We're working on all the big drops and events that are happening this summer, and we're SO excited to share them all with you.

If you have any other questions about Peru, or about anything like boy problems, feel free to DM my personal IG @hylanayeri.