Our Top 5 Daily Self Care Tips

Our Top 5 Daily Self Care Tips

With all the time spent at home lately, it feels as though we are reconnecting with ourselves now more than ever. With this in mind, what better time is there to incorporate some self care into your day to enhance all of the me-time we have had on our hands lately? 

So, we decided to share our five favourite self-care tips that you can try to enjoy some much-needed daily structure, as well as to invest in yourself, your passions, and your personal growth during this time!

1. Plan Your Ultimate Morning Routine

Pictured: photo by @matildadjerf

Having a morning routine to look forward to is something that not only makes getting out of bed that much easier, but also kicks off your morning with a sense of structure and motivation that will improve your mindset throughout the day. So far, some of our fav additions to our routines have been taking time to make a tasty breakfast, doing a quick yoga flow, or even just whipping up a quick matcha to enjoy.

2. Dress Up For Yourself 

Pictured: @nitsanraiter lounging in her Stella Top in Lilac & Ellie Skirt in Lilac 

Don’t get us wrong, we have been loving being able to lounge in our favourite pair of sweats, but there is something about putting on one of your favourite outfits that can totally reset your mood. The way you dress up for yourself is totally up to you, whether it’s popping on a bit of lip colour or wearing your favourite new set, we love how refreshing an outfit change can feel.

3. Invest Time Into Your Passions

Picture: sourced from Pinterest.com

One of the biggest positives we’ve found from staying at home has been the amount of time we have to invest in ourselves and in our passions. Whether you have always wanted to spend more time reading, writing, painting, or starting that project you never felt you had time to start, now is the best time to dedicate yourself to what you have been waiting to do! 

4. Listen to an Inspiring Podcast 

Here at 437, we love using podcasts as a tool to find motivation and inspiration to achieve our goals. That’s why our co-founders, Hyla and Adrien, started their very own podcast called 437 Offline! In each episode, they share all the tips and tricks they’ve learned from building the 437 brand, as well as personal stories they’ve experienced along the way. We love tuning into a podcast in the morning while getting ready for the day, or even at night while winding down as a way to relax and stay inspired.

Listen to 437 Offline on Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube.

5. Make Sure to Get Outside

Pictured: @mattieortizz in our Aubrey Top in White and our Aubrey Bottoms in White

Spending some time outside every day is so important when it comes to self-care - we seriously cannot stress this enough. One of our favourite ways to make sure we get some fresh air is setting the goal of going on a walk every day. There is something so peaceful about going on a walk around your neighbourhood, listening to your favourite songs and getting in some exercise. It will totally clear your mind and give you your daily dose of vitamin D! 

There you have it babes, our tried and true tips for self care! We would love to see if you try any of these or if you have any tips of your own, so please feel free to let us know by tagging us @437 on instagram! xx

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