This year has been a time of major change and reflection for all of us. And, for us at 437, it’s been a huge reminder to care for the things that matter most of us — in our lives and in our communities. 

With that in mind, we want to make it easier than ever for the 437 fam to make a difference where it matters most. Read more below about charities close to our heart and that we're proud to support. 

Black Women in Motion

Black Women in Motion is a Toronto-based, youth-led organization that empowers and supports the advancement of black womxn and survivors of sexual violence.  They work within an anti-racist, intersectional feminist, trauma-informed and survivor-centred framework to create culturally-relevant content, educational tools, healing spaces and economic opportunities for black womxn. 


Ecotrust Canada works with rural, remote and Indigenous communities toward building an economy that provides for a healthy and resilient natural environment; sustainable and abundant energy, food, and housing; prosperous and meaningful livelihoods; and vibrant cultures and inclusive societies.

Black Solidarity Fund

The Black Solidarity Fund includes more than 70 charities supporting Black Canadians. These charities are advancing social services, economic opportunities, mental health supports, advocacy efforts, and access to education for Black Canadians. Plus, many of these charities are preserving and celebrating Black art, heritage, and culture and their immense contribution to Canada.


Elimin8hate is an organization dedicated to helping the safe reporting of racial attacks against Asian Canadians, documenting and educating on hate crimes, and pushing for real change by advocating for government and media initiatives. They are Vancouver based and work collaboratively with Project 1907, a grassroots organization made up of Asian women.