Ready, Set, Gaia (Essentials)

Ready, Set, Gaia (Essentials)

If you’ve been keeping an eye on our brand for the past few months, then you know we’ve been creating new pieces that are comfy-cozy without being understated. Back in January, you saw us transform the simple sweatsuit into Swim Club; a chic take on sweats that kept the comfort but added the style. Now we’re back at it again with a refreshed version of our beloved Gaia set! 


Enter The Gaia Essentials Collection; a staple that everybody needs in their rotation! Just like the OG Gaia set,  the Gaia Essentials collection is made from a ribbed fabric that is designed to accentuate your hips and booty. We decided to turn up the heat with this collection and reintroduce our beloved signature buttery fabric! Now, the Gaia sets are made from a unique blend of knitted rayon and spandex that’ll feel softer and more luxurious against your skin!

 We’ve also improved the overall function of our pieces by designing it to fit more like shapewear. Each piece is created to compliment and move with your body. The goal was to elevate the sexiness of the look without compromising the comfort. Never again will you have to make the very hard decision of choosing between function/comfort and style!

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Although you won’t have to decide between style and comfort, you WILL have to decide which look you want. The Gaia Essential Collection is available in THREE gorgeous neutrals: Stone, Royal and Black; TWO different top styles (the Gaia Polo and the Gaia Cardigan) and TWO bottoms (leggings or a skirt)!  

Let’s get in to the pieces:

The Gaia Cardigan, $85USD/$109CAD

It’s all about the little details with this cropped Gaia Cardigan.  We used the dreamiest iridescent shell buttons to create that European vibe that is both effortless and chic. None of the buttons looks exactly the same but they are all equally beautiful; just like our customers!

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The Gaia Polo $85 USD/$109CAD
We first introduced you to the Gaia Polo during our Sour/Tang drop earlier in this month. The v-neck of the polo hits that sweet spot between sexy and modest and is the perfect fit for people of all bust sizes.

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The Gaia Leggings $85USD/109CAD
The Gaia Leggings are designed to feel like a second skin and are able to mold and stretch to our shortest or tallest girls! Made to be thick and resilient without being overly restrictive or sheer, these leggings keep their shape and look no matter how many times you wear them! 

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The Gaia Midi Skirt  $75USD/$97CAD
We always like to have at least one piece in our collection that’s versatile, and the Gaia Midi Skirt is that! As a skirt, it pairs perfectly with the Gaia polo or the Gaia cardigan. However, it can also be worn as a strapless midi dress that contours your curves and hugs you in all the right places!

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