Everything You Need to Know: Flora Drop 001

Everything You Need to Know: Flora Drop 001

We’ve teased you long enough, and we couldn’t be more excited to share the details about our hottest collection yet: Flora. With a custom floral print, these new suits will turn some heads wherever you wear them, and as always, are sure to flatter any figure. 

As always, we wanted to give you the full inside scoop on Flora Drop 001 (yep, stay tuned for Drop 002). So, read below for all of the details on this collection so you can be sure to pick out the perfect set to have you feeling like your most confident and sexy self. 

The Logan Set and The Luna Top & Aria Bottoms in Flora 

We couldn’t resist bringing back your favourite suit styles from Daydream to create the ultimate Flora Set: The Luna Top and Aria bottoms in Flora! What’s more? We are bringing you an all-new style, The Logan Set, which is a seamless and sexier version of our classic Sanders Set with a cheeky fit and a micro top. It’s safe to say we’re obsessed.

Matching Flora Sarong/Scarf

We couldn’t help but add in a special accessory to bring your Flora set to a whole new level. That’s why we are dropping the Flora Sarong, which can be worn cover-up style or as a head scarf or hair tie! The options are endless.

Versatile, As Always

At this point, would it be a real 437 collection drop without some major versatility? We think not. That’s why we made sure to include The Logan Top, which can be worn more than 9 different ways. We know, we’re pinching ourselves too.

The Flora iPhone Case 

We admit it, we love the Flora print so much we knew we had to incorporate it into our lives as much as possible. That led us to creating the Flora iPhone Case, which will even level up your tech game.

Well, now you’re completely in the know when it comes to Flora! As always, be sure to tag us in your IG pics @437 wearing this ultra-hot collection so we can be sure to check out how amazing you’ll look. We truly can’t wait to see! Until next time, babes! x