437 GM Kenzie travels to Sayulita, Mexico

437 GM Kenzie travels to Sayulita, Mexico

Hi babes,

Kenzie here checking in from Sayulita, Mexico! I spent the last week offline, disconnected from all things 437 and spent some quality time with my family in a small surf town in Mexico. Had the absolute best time and thought I'd share my go-to things to do in Sayulita. I have been here a couple times before (my family loves Sayulita) so I definitely have some fav local spots to share with you!


What to do...

In terms of what to do, you obviously have to hit the beach. Find a spot, rent a chair, enjoy a cerveza and get your tan on. Best to sit near the main area of the beach if you're looking for a lively day of people watching. If you want a more relaxed, quieter vibe I would suggest heading up to the North end of the beach (also THE BEST spot to watch the sunset in my opinion). It's a little quieter up there, not as many people and equally as beautiful. Only thing to keep in mind is that the undertow on the North end of the beach is much stronger than at main beach so I'd suggest checking out the waves before automatically heading into the ocean. 



This time my family went whale watching which was a super cool experience. We went with La Orca Sayulita (an organization that raises money through tours to conduct research on the large population of Humpback Whales that migrate back to Sayulita each year to breed). Our main guide was a Biologist that has been in Sayulita for 3+ years studying the effects of climate change + tourism on the whales and their environment. It was super interesting to learn more about humpback whales and how 40% of the global population comes back to Sayulita every year. 



There are also so many other cute towns near Sayulita (Bucerias, La Cruz, San Pancho). This time we spent a day in San Pancho (otherwise known as San Francisco). This town is super similar to Sayulita but not as busy / a little more laid back. 


What to wear...

In terms of clothes it is hot in Sayulita allllll yearrrrr roundddd! I know IDEAL! So definitely pack shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, light dresses + bikinis. My faves this trip was the Sanders Top x Jordan Bottoms in Vice, such a fun bright pink for the beach!



I also loved hanging by the pool at our hotel in my Leo set in Rose. Such a fire top, you can tie sooo many ways. DM @437 if you need any help with finding your perfect size!



My allllll time favourite colour way that we have released is Espresso. It's the perfect dark brown and makes you look super tan in my opinion. I wore the Leo Top in Espresso at the beach a bunch but also wore it as a top while biking into town. With over 8 ways to tie it truly is one of our most versatile tops. P.s. right now it's sold out in Small + Medium (still available in Large) but will be back in stock this month!!!



Also just wanted to add in here, there is no age restriction to be a 437 babe, my mom was rocking her Robyn Top in Black all week long <3



Where to eat...

Let's talk TACOS first!

My fav spot was Revolution (on the main street across from the chocolate shop) it has incredible tacos, quesadillas + burritos. I got the Mahi Mahi Tacos 3 separate times because it was sooooo good + soooo cheap.


The best local spot is definitely Bichos (past the main street near the beach). It's an outdoor spot with an outdoor kitchen + communal picnic tables (great way to test your Spanish out and make some new friends). You can get any taco either as a taco as a quesadilla or as a volcan (hard flat taco shell with melted cheese on top...drool worthy).


Other great places to try include any local street vendors.


For traditional Mexican food (other than tacos lol) I would suggest Sayulita Cafe (on the main street). We tried the mole and it was sooooo good omg. We didn't end up making it to Mary's (right beside Sayulita Cafe) but have heard great things about the food there too.


I'm celiac (aka very allergic to gluten) so it was a little challenging sometimes to find food that was guaranteed not contaminated with gluten. With that being said whenever I needed a treat I got a Coconut Popsicle from Wa Kika (they have the most amazing popsicles  / ice cream / dipped with toppings) you needed to try.


For drinks / going out, head to where the Public House is (a bar owned by a Canadian couple that have relocated to Sayulita). That part of the street has so many bars you can check out (south side of town).


Where to stay...

Sayulita has become quite a well known spot for tourism over the past couple of years and with that the amount of good Airbnb's have drastically increased. If you're heading to Sayulita I would definitely check out Airbnb and see what's available. Other than that you can check out the different boutique hotels available, we stayed at Hotelito Los Suenos (hotel + yoga studio) and loved it!


Ok I think that is all you need to know to have the best time in Sayulita. Enjoy babes, until next time xx - Kenz