Styling your Staple Swim

Styling your Staple Swim

Attention everyone: We have some good news and some really good news. The good news? Well, summer is officially here. All those months of waiting and praying for the day when you’d be able to go outside without freezing to death are here!
And the really good news? 

Your 437 swimsuit is on your front porch.

So you’ve got your staple swimsuit in your hands. You’ve tried it on, are feeling confident as ever and you’ve taken all the mirror selfies you possibly can (tagging us ofc).

Now what?
For us, this is where things get even more exciting. While any 437 swimsuit makes a major statement on its own, there’s nothing we love more than personalizing our pieces. Over the past few years, we’ve kept a close eye on the ways you’ve elevated your 437s to reflect your personal style. As a company, we work hard to make sure that anyone who wears one of our swimsuits feels confident enough to let their true selves shine through.  Seeing how you’ve creatively styled your 437s has left us so inspired we just had to compile a few tips/tricks of some of the top ways to make your swimsuit your own!


Accessorizing your swimsuit with jewelry is one of the easiest ways to quickly personalize your swimsuit. There are so many ways to layer pieces and styles of jewelry to create specific looks! Some may opt for a more polished look by playing with metal jewelry like gold, silver or mixed metals. Others may opt for a beachy, playful vibe by experimenting with colours and stones like freshwater pearls, beads and shells. Here are some of our fave jewelry pieces:

Stacked Necklaces  → This is perfect way to dress up your otherwise bare décolletage. We've seen you swap between gold/silver jewelry and pearls, or beads to create different looks. Metal jewelry is great for those of you who prefer a more chic look while pearls or beads are great way to play with your more feminine side.


Rings   →  Rings one of my personal faves ways to subtly add more dimension to you swimsuit. It's the perfect way to accessorize for those of us who don't always like to distract from the main event (aka your 437 swimsuit). You can wear just one or two staple rings or opt to wear rings on every finger for a little extra flair.

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Waist chains   →  Waist chains have recently gained popularity in North America over the past year. They are available in jewel and metal tones and/or with decorative charms in various shapes. Adding one or two to your waist is a sexy and subtle way to accentuate your waist. 

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Anklets   → Similar to rings, anklets are great way to subtly accessorize. For a playful beachy look, we suggest opting for for fun puka shells or beads. For a more chic look, we love styling with a gold or silver anklet!


If you haven’t been able to tell from our last few collections, we love a good sarong. Sarongs are a super cute and effortless way to dress up your 437s. Here are some of the ways we love to tie our sarongs:

Around the waist → This is the  simplest way to wear your sarong, but we think it’s so sweet and feminine. Wearing it as normal allows you to cinch in your waist a little bit more and it’s a great way to stay covered at the pool/beach.

As a hair-tie or hairband → Functional and chic. This is such a cute way to keep messy beach hair off your face while you’re tanning.

As a head-wrap/bandana → This is one of our favourite ways to style a sarong. It gives you that effortlessly cool look that we know we are all trying to achieve this summer!

To achieve these sarong looks, shop our Flora Sarong, Daisy Sarong and Bloom Sarong


Our CEOS Hyla and Adrien wearing the Sanders set in Black and White

If using a sarong as a cover-up isn’t for you, we’ve got you covered. Styling your swimsuit with a cute oversized button is a great way to achieve that down-to-earth sporty look we all love. To elevate this look even more, we suggest choosing a colour that really pops against the colour of your swimsuit. Bright coloured button ups like white, jewel tones or pastels are a great way to add more dimension to your swimsuit.

Cute and simple, but you can have SO much fun with this. We’ve seen everything from cowboy hats to bucket hats to the good ol 'baseball cap. And guess what? They’re all incredibly cute. This is a great way to style your swimsuit and protect your skin!


Who says that swimsuits can only be for the beach or pool? This has to be one of our favourite ways to style your swimsuit. We’ve seen so many of you take your Kenzie, Aubrey, Johnson one piece and Leo tops from the beach straight to a night out with your friends/partners. 

Any of these pieces look amazing paired with jeans, skirts or shorts. You can even elevate or dress down the look by pairing them with heels or white running shoes. Because the Kenzie and Leo top are so versatile, the possibilities are endless.

Personally, I love the Aubrey top with a pair of jeans and a cute oversized blazer to take my look from beach to date!

If we can leave you with any takeaway from this post it’s that we want you to have free reign over how you choose to style your pieces! When you’re wearing your 437s we want you to feel confident, sexy and happy. Personalizing your swim is the best way to make sure you’re showing your true self.

We can’t wait to see how you style your 437s this summer babe!

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