Storytelling with PERSIA

Storytelling with PERSIA

Every collection we’ve created has a message behind it. Whether the message is as general as celebrating our bodies (staple swim), leaning into the luxury of vacation (Paradiso) or revelling in the spring season (That’s So Sabotage), we’ve always aimed to create a mood worth connecting to.

Persia is much more than that.

Rather than focusing on creating a single message, we aimed to tell a story about culture and identity. From a young age, we are introduced to our heritage and it sets the framework for who we are. We form strong bonds to our culture and create beautiful identities for ourselves within them. We are guided and influenced by our customs, traditions and belief systems. To be fully immersed in your culture, embracing all that it is, is a blessing. This is Hyla's thought process and it's important to us that we showcase the beauty of cultural representation.

The Persia collection is a slight immersion into the cultural identity and experience of our CEO Hyla Nayeri. This collection is an embodiment of passion, strength, and family; values that Hyla embraces wholeheartedly.

When we were thinking of  our Fall/Winter collections, I had to think: what is closest to my heart?” - Hyla Nayeri

When we designed this collection with Hyla, her family (her mother and two grandmothers) served as contributors and muses to the design process. It was important that the swimwear feel authentic, warm, and elegant; just like the women who inspire Hyla every single day.

With them in mind, we created three classic swimsuits and two elegant long sarongs in brand new colours: Cocoa and Persia. Cocoa is the epitome of everything that is luxe and classic. Similar to our colour Espresso, Cocoa is a universally flattering brown. We added more warmth and depth to this colour to emphasize the natural sophistication and elegance of every Persian woman.

Our second colour, Persia, draws inspiration from Persian rugs. The goal with this colour was to embrace the creativity of its people while emphasizing the familiarity and traditions of a Persian family. 

In order to fully immerse you all in Hyla’s culture, we decided to release this 5-piece collection in three different drops. Right now, only one set, the Amytis Set, and one sarong, the Long sarong in Cocoa, are available for purchase.

The Amytis Set in Cocoa

When we created this collection, it was important that we show hints of playfulness within the designs. The Amytis set, inspired by Hyla’s 12 years-old sister and their beautiful relationship, is youthful and fun. 

The Amytis top ($75USD) is a universally flattering ruffled top in our new shade Cocoa. While Hyla and Adrien’s favourite way to wear this top is in a bandeau style, there are endless ways to style this top. Due to the light ruffles around the edges of the top, the Amytis offers great support and coverage to individuals of all bust sizes.

The Amytis bottoms are the perfect bottoms for those of us who like a little more coverage. While they aren’t full coverage (they’re still a cheeky fit), the delicate ruffles around the border of the bottoms, amplify the playfulness and provide additional coverage. The Amytis bottoms are also designed with light ruching down the middle to create a subtle lift to the booty.

The Long Sarong in Cocoa

Nothing embodies the elegance of the Persian woman like our long sarong ( $65USD) in Cocoa. The Long Sarong delicately drapes around the body and flows to the ankle. We designed the top of the sarong to taper in slightly so you are able to tie it around the waist, wear it as a shirt or dress. It is slightly sheer to subtly show off your figure while offering great coverage as a cover up.

This collection is all about family, love and passion. We hope throughout the next few drops that you feel as deeply connected to the Persian culture as Hyla does.

Stay tuned for more updates on our next two drops over the coming weeks. We know you will love them as much as we do!

Hyla and the 437 Team.