Meet the Team: Crystal, Executive Assistant

Meet the Team: Crystal, Executive Assistant

One of the things we love most about the 437 community is that we have the opportunity to connect with you on a deeper level. We have so much love for you all and after [almost] 4 years together, we think that it’s time we take the next step in our relationship. 

So, we decided that it’s time we introduced you to the 437 Family; all the amazing faces behind the brand that make this company what it is. We are so grateful for our team and we want to give you all the opportunity to get to know them. 

The first profile we are starting with is our amazing organizational superstar and Executive Assistant, Crystal. We had the opportunity to sit down with her for a little 1 on 1 session to learn more about what makes her tick.. We know you’ll love her just as much as we do!
Crystal: Just like anyone else who lives in Toronto, but is originally from Vancouver, I never stop talking about it [laughs]. I can’t help it though! Vancouver is one of my favourite places in the world. I even have a tattoo of the BC mountains on my arm to remind me of home. While I do love the outdoors and am happiest at the beach wearing my OG Roy swimsuit or my white Kenzie Set, I’ve always loved the idea of living and working in Toronto! 
437: Why did you choose to come with us?

Crystal: For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to work in fashion. It’s been a huge passion of mine and anytime there’s a fashion show or a way to volunteer at a fashion-related event in Toronto, I’m there. I wanted to work for 437 because I wanted first hand experience in the industry and it has been so great being able to see all the moving pieces of an e-commerce company!

437: Aw we love to hear that babe! Do you mind telling our readers a little bit more about what you do for the company?

Crystal: So I am currently working as the Executive Assistant to the CEOs, Hyla and Adrien! I’ve actually been with the company for just over a year (my one year mark was June 29th). It’s really great and I’ve been learning so much!

437: What are your typical days like?

Crystal: I’d definitely say that my days vary and no two days are the same. I personally love this because I love being busy! Even in university, I was always the type to be involved with different clubs and events because I love keeping busy.  On the Executive Assistant side of things, I act as a support for the CEOs. I help to keep them organized and focus on their work/personal schedules, emails, managing bookings/events and much more. It’s nice because the tasks change day by day!

Then for the office as a whole, I lead our monthly team meetings, give office updates every Monday, plan our company events and then just try to help or assist in any department if they need an extra set of hands! It's great because I'm able to get a bit of experience in all the departments: HR, Design, Marketing, Operations! I'm definitely always doing something!

437: You’re really our organizational goddess! We appreciate you so much! What would you say you’ve learned since you’ve started working with us?

C: I’ve learned to adopt a problem solving mindset. Working for a small company that’s as popular as 437 means that things are changing all the time. I’ve learned how to think on my feet more and have been able to find other ways to get the same desired result!

437: We definitely think that rolling with the punches is something we’ve been all been able to do recently haha

C:  I totally agree. But I think our best things come out of those high stress times. Like look at how amazing Happy Hour is! It was so fun being to collaborate and work with the entire time to create such a great collection!
437: We totally agree. What would you say is your favourite collection we’ve done so far?

C: Ahh that’s so hard. Honestly I love everything about all of our drops, but I think the Flora Logan set has to be my favourite. I’m obsessed with all of the colours!

437: Okay now that we’ve learned a little bit about you Crystal, the EA, let’s play a short version of 21 questions to learn more about Crystal the person!

C: I’m down.

437: Amazing. First question: do you prefer the beach or the pool?

C: The beach. Once again I grew up in VA [laughs] so being outside and in nature is in my blood!

437: What’s your perfect beach day?

C:  Definitely getting to the beach at around 1pm. It’s the perfect time because you can still tan but you’re likely to stay long enough to see the sunset. I also love to bring sushi to eat on the beach!

437: What’s one thing you’re looking forward to this summer?

C: I’d say finally crossing the border. I love travelling and exploring! I’ve been saving a bunch of cool trendy restaurants I found on Tik Tok that are located in NYC so I’d love to go!


437: You’ll definitely have to tell us how that goes when you go! Since we’re talking about restaurants, what’s your favourite restaurant in Toronto right now?

C: I actually just found a new one! There’s a restaurant called La Palma that has the best Mediterranean food and is honestly a really aesthetically pleasing place!

437: What’s your song for the summer?

C: Okay so I don’t know if this counts for a #HotGirlSummer, but I’ve been loving the entire Olivia Rodrigo album. It definitely has me in my feels!

437: Honestly we’re loving it too. Where’s the first international place you want to travel to?

C: I’ve been dying to go to this small surf town called Jaco in Costa Rico. I'm not the best surfer in the world, but I would love to get better and of course I’d be bringing all of my 437s with me!

437: We might have to come with you on that trip!! What’s your current favourite way to style your 437s right now?

C: I honestly love wearing my one pieces like the Williams or Johnson with jeans and a cute shoulder bag. I also throw The Tunic  or the Haven Shirt on for chillier nights!

437: Do you have any current must-have products?

C: I think COVID has definitely given me the opportunity to explore the skincare world a bit more. I’ve been using the ordinary caffeine solution. And I’m FINALLY wearing sunscreen when I’m outside tanning in my Kenzie set. I’m also a huge fan of the Summer Fridays jet lag mask!


437: Okay final question. What has been a silver lining for you during the pandemic?

C: I definitely think working here is the biggest silver lining! I started working during the pandemic last year and I love being here. I’d also say that I’ve been going on more walks/bike rides so I’ve been able to find really cool places in Toronto!